Sermonizing: v.  1) to prepare and research a sermon; 2) the act of preaching; 3) grappling, mulling, and wrestling with texts, current events, and lived experience in the context of the Gospel of Christ; 4) creating a blog that touches on all these processes.


Preaching is not a solo performance.  Although in our mainline protestant tradition, the preacher’s voice is usually the only one filling an otherwise silent church, the participation of the active listeners is necessary, both in the preparation and the delivery of the sermon.  At some level, this happens as a result of the preacher knowing her audience; knowing their strengths and weaknesses, knowing what words to choose, knowing how far she can push before her listeners shut down.  Knowing when to exhort and when to console.


But the active participation of those who receive a sermon is also present during the worship service, in the bodies of the congregation, in the laughter, tears, or silence of those present.  And it is present as well in the conversations that should always emerge from the sermon time – conversations in which those who listened get a chance to speak, and those who spoke can return the favor of active and attentive listening.


So this is a forum for my musings on the lectionary texts, for the transcripts or manuscripts of sermons, and for a continuing conversation around the call that we all, as Christians, share: the call to discipleship.